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We're on a mission to help small companies transform into thriving organizations.

Running a small business is hard, but your accounting and finance doesn't have to be. Let us help. 

Michael Newberger

Michael Newberger

Founder & CFO

My story

I started Outsourced FinOps in 2022 to help small businesses become thriving organizations. Before this, I spent 10 years in a small investment company learning financial planning and analysis, and 8 years building and operating a small business focusing on its accounting and finance operations. I have come to realize that I have unique experience and skills to help many business owners with their work.  I decided to start this service, one I wish I had at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey.

After 18 years of working in small companies, I learned that one of the hardest parts of building a business is setting up the organization's essential functions.  Every area of growth brings new growing pains.  Wouldn't it make your business more effective, profitable, and less stressful if some of these growing pains could be offloaded to a pro?  I believe so.  Hence, the beginning of Outsourced FinOps.